WHAT IS A “QUICK CLAIM” DEED?  “Quit Claim” deeds are often erroneously called “Quick” Claim Deeds.  It’s easy to understand how people get confused about the name as a Quit Claim deed simply transfers property from current owner (Grantor) to new owner (Grantee). We most often see requests for Quit Claim Deeds as part of a divorce wherein one spouse is transferring their interest in a residence or other real property to the ex-spouse.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that any deed be professionally and properly prepared.  There are important  issues and options related to deeds such as type (Warranty vs. Quit Claim, etc.), legal descriptions, appropriate names and signatures, and much more.  It is not expensive to have deeds professionally prepared by an Arizona certified legal document preparer.  For example, we professionally prepare most deeds for only $85, plus the cost of the recording fee.  I’ve been told that most title companies won’t prepare a deed unless it is part of a real estate closing.  Attorneys also prepare deeds but I suspect the cost is considerably more than $85.

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